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Marine Data Challenge - Problem Definition for Innovation

The Marine Data Challenge is co-organized by MITEF Greece and Mercator Ocean International (MOI), the manager of the Copernicus Marine Services (CMS). The project aims to bring together creative minds to solve some of the most important global challenges of the blue economy, using the Copernicus Marine Service free and regular information and data on the state of the ocean. Playxis has designed a workshop about "How to define Problems for Innovation" which aims to guide Problem Setters - Companies, municipal or state bodies, and other stakeholders active in the blue economy - to define challenges related to their sector that would be more effective in sourcing innovative, data-driven solutions.
Client: MITEF Greece & Mercator Ocean International (MOI),

Workshop, Seminar/Webinar, Keynote
An innovative team when is facing a challenge, they create the space to define the problem, to understand the context and to pinpoint the most important outcomes that needed to be achieved. This allows them to create a wider opportunity space and explore new ways moving forward. Applying concepts from Design Thinking, Outcome Driven Innovation and others, they consistently define the problem space to open opportunities similar to companies like Swatch, Starbucks and others. This calls for committing time to define and frame the problem in a way that opens up opportunity spaces to explore and does not dictate specific directions. Furthermore it needs to identify the desired outcomes that the solutions should focus on achieving.

“Without a good question, a good answer has no place to go” - Clayton Christensen - Harvard Business School

During the workshop you will work hands-on on your own Problem for the Mercator Data Challenge. We will address the necessary breadth of the problem and how to define the context - user, environment, constraints - so that a complete frame is defined that opens up opportunity spaces for the Problem Solvers, without dictating the solution.

Furthermore you will be introduced to theory of outcome driven innovation and practice directly on your problem. Based on the defined Problem, you will work to identify outcomes that should be achieved. Additionally you exercise extreme prioritisation to challenge Problem solvers for high impact solutions. Finally, we will address how to think about measuring outcomes and identifying the right metrics to provide an evaluation foundation for the suggested solutions, the solving teams and your organisation.

Workshop Output
  • - Define your organisation’s Problem for the Mercator Data Challenge.
  • - Identify the desired outcomes that the solution should aim to achieve and prioritise.
  • - Define how you will measure each outcome and set desired metrics.
To learn more and register visit the Workshop's URL and the Marine Data Challenge URL
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