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When you live like a local anywhere

A startup was ready to enter the implementation phase of its vision about connecting people to fully immerse and live like locals anywhere. The initial need was to gather users’ feedback before launching the service. We were invited to explore, conceptualize and prototype a digital platform focusing on a mobile application first.
Client: Houldu, New York

Research, Concept, Prototyping
Together with the client, we worked to define the value proposition and prototype the communication strategy of the product.
The initial research phase fueled the team with insights. Taking into account user and business needs we entered our ideation and prototyping phase.
The concept went through various iteration cycles before reaching Beta phase. The prototypes turned from low-mid fidelity to actual code and slowly the vision of the brand was defined.
The developed prototypes logged many testing hours with users during the Alpha and Beta phases. The company decided to launch as is and the final product is available in the App store.

The copyright of the material is held by Houldu.
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